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Prevention from backscatter on cPanel server

Simple step to stop backscatter on cPanel server To prevent backscatter you have to done following modifications: Apache SpamAssassin™: bounce spam score threshold has to be set to “No bouncing by spam score default” Enable Greylisting Exim – Sender Verification Callouts should be disabled Exim – Allow DKIM verification for incoming messages should be enabled Exim […]

how to secure /tmp directory on openvz vps with cpanel

Secure tmp directory on OpenVZ VPS and cPanel

iWhost Pakistan provides complete management to customers for Dedicated Servers and VPS. But many customers who have unmanaged vps asked us that how can they easily secure tmp directory on OpenVZ VPS and cPanel. The tmp directory is used by scripts to hold temporary data however malicious scripts can use tmp directory in wrong way. You can fix this […]