Facebook Messenger Web Version “messenger.com”

Facebook Messenger Web Version

Facebook just launched Facebook Messenger Web Versionmessenger.com“.  Now there is no need to log in Facebook.com to chat with your friends. At this time this web messenger version is available in English language only, but we hope new languages will be included soon.

The domain messenger.com was registered in 1998 but was never used by Facebook. Now Facebook launches Facebook Messenger Web Version  on this domain.  You can start using online Facebook messenger by simply log in on messenger.com by your Facebook Account. You will see complete page as a messenger, which is no doubt a eye catching layout. You can chat as well as call your friend through messenger.com. Video call is also supported. Setting option is also available from where you can edit sound setting and desktop notification settings.

Messenger.com is definitely a good news for those who are tired with Skype or companies who wants to talk with their customers and with other companies whether on chat or call. At this time we can’t say that in future may be Facebook divert chats from Facebook.com to Messenger.com


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