Secure tmp directory on OpenVZ VPS and cPanel

how to secure /tmp directory on openvz vps with cpanel

iWhost Pakistan provides complete management to customers for Dedicated Servers and VPS. But many customers who have unmanaged vps asked us that how can they easily secure tmp directory on OpenVZ VPS and cPanel.

The tmp directory is used by scripts to hold temporary data however malicious scripts can use tmp directory in wrong way. You can fix this by creating /tmp partition. In this way you can block malicious script execution.

secure tmp directory

Securetmp Script of cPanel

You can not run /scripts/securetmp on OpenVZ VSP and if you try you will get error like:

the loop module wasn’t detected/installed

but there is another easy way to secure /tmp directory

Edit /etc/fstab

You have to edit /etc/fstab in any editor and add following line in bottom and save it.

none /tmp tmpfs nodev,nosuid,noexec 0 0

Now a reboot will be needed but for those who don’t like reboot can mount /tmp in another way

Mount /tmp

Instead of rebooting VPS you can mount /tmp by running following command

mount -t tmpfs -o noexec,nosuid tmpfs /tmp


Run the following command will confirm you that /tmp directory is now secured by showing  /tmp directory with “tmpfs”

df -h

In case of any query, please feel free to contact our web hosting support.


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