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Domain Registration in Pakistan

iWhost Pakistan is located at Karachi Pakistan and our aim is to be one of the biggest Domain Registration Company in Pakistan. We are providing cheapest pricing of Domain Registration in Pakistan. The most popular domains in Pakistan are .com and .pk and therefore we are offering .com registration in only Rs.1000/- per year and .pk domain registration in only  Rs.2000/- for 2 years. 

We have more than 500 customers and resellers getting domain registration in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Sukkur, Quetta & Peshawar. We are working with public domain registry / uk2 group to provide separate panels to our customers with all domain registrations so that customer can get full control and ownership on his domain. We are also offering free privacy protection of who is data and complete DNS management system with each domain whereas other domain registrars do charge for privacy protection service. There are no charges to transfer your domain from other registrar to us. Following are some of most popular domains pricing. 

Domain Registration Pricing

Extension Minimum Registration Charges
.COM 1 Year Rs.1300/-   Rs.1200/-
.NET 1 Year Rs.1400/-   Rs.1300/-
.INFO 1 Year Rs.1300/-   Rs.1200/-
.ORG 1 Year Rs.1400/-   Rs.1300/-
.BIZ 1 Year Rs.1400/-   Rs.1300/-
.PK 2 Year Rs.2200/-   Rs.2100/-
.COM.PK 2 Year Rs.2200/-   Rs.2100/-
.NET.PK 2 Year Rs.2200/-   Rs.2100/-
.ORG.PK 2 Year Rs.2200/-   Rs.2100/-
.BIZ.PK 2 Year Rs.2200/-   Rs.2100/-
.EDU.PK 2 Year Rs.2200/-   Rs.2100/-
.US 1 Year Rs.1100/-
.UK 1 Year Rs.1200/-
.CO.UK 1 Year Rs.1200/-
.ORG.UK 1 Year Rs.1200/-
.DE 1 Year Rs.1300/-
.CA 1 Year Rs.1900/-
.ASIA 1 Year Rs.2200/-
.CO 1 Year Rs.3700/-
.TV 1 Year Rs.4600/-

pk domain registration in Pakistan


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We'll help you t make transferring your website and domain name fast and easy.

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.COM Domain Registration

Separate Domain Panel

Each customer gets its own domain panel for his/her domains through which he/she gets full control and ownership over domains.,

Privacy Protection

Every domain comes with free privacy protection which can hide your personal registration information from who is datatbase.

Free Email Accounts

We are offering 2 free email Accounts with every domain. There is no need of any web hosting for these email accounts.

DNS Management

Every domain comes with free lifetime DNS service from which you can manage your DNS records on globally distributed and highly redundant DNS infrastructure.

Free Mail Forwards

Mail forwarding is free with each domain registration though which you can forward emails to your existing email accounts.

Bulk Tools

Bulk Tools are for Advanced users from they can perform many bulk actions such as renewal, registrations, transfers etc.

Domain Forwarding

Domain Forwarding enables you to redirect your domain to another domain

Domain Theft Protection

Domain Theft Protection protects your domain to be theft or transferred without your permission.

.PK Domain Registration

Cheap PK Domains

iWhost is providing cheapest PK domains in Pakistan with instant activation.We are the biggest PK Domain Registrar in Pakistan

.PK Domains

.PK Domain are General Second Level Domains which do not need any kind of verification.

.COM.PK Domains

.COM.PK domains are for general businesses or it can be used by individuals.

.NET.PK Domain

.NET.PK domains are generally used for network related works or businesses.

.ORG.PK Domain

.ORG.PK domain is used for non profit organization in Pakistan like NGOs and Hospitals etc.

.BIZ.PK Domain

.BIZ.PK is for general businesses and for promotions

.WEB.PK Domain

.WEB.PK domain is for websites.

.EDU.PK Domains

.EDU.PK Domais are used for Educational Institute, School, Colleges and Universities.


.GOV.PK domains are used for Government Departments