Server Management


iWhost Pakistan offers 24 x 7 monitoring, administration and Server Management in Pakistan at very low price. Our technical staff is available 24 hours to accomplish any task regarding server management and administration. Our skilled technicians monitor and check your server inform you if any downtime is occurred.  We also tell you the reason of downtime and resolve that issue. We timely check your server security and apply patches for security wholes. There are only few companies who are providing Server Management in Pakistan, iWhost is one of them. We have special discounts for customers who are going to get server management in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Gujranwala, Sialkot, Sukkur, Quetta & Peshawar.

Example of Server Management Services

Following are some examples of server management services :

  • Server Security Management
  • Upgrading Server
  • Building Apache
  • Apache Security Management
  • Apache (HTTP) Optimization
  • Apache Modules Installation
  • Mod Security Installation
  • Mod Security Configuration
  • PHP Tightening / Security
  • Rootkit Scanning
  • Virus and Malware Scanning
  • Analyzing Log Files
  • Software Installations
  • Clearing Disk space by removing old log files and temporary files.
  • CSF firewall installation and configuration
  • Securing Brute Force
  • Kernal Patching
  • Upgrading MySQL
  • Optimizing MySQL
  • Creating and configuring Auto Backups
  • Hard Disk Tweaking
  • Increasing RAM and CPU Efficiency.

Above are some of examples of server administration work, there are much more. If you have any query regarding Server Management in Pakistan, please feel free to contact our sales and support department.

server management in pakistan


We are providing following services for cPanel Servers.

  • Server Administration
  • Server Management
  • Server Support
  • Server Monitoring


  • After order confirmation, we get your server’s details and save it securely.
  • After that we send you a confirmation email along with login details of support portal.
  • We monitor your server 24 hours and inform you if any downtime is reported.
  • If needed, we install cPanel / WHM on your server and configure it.
  • After analyzing we inform you about security issues and patch them.
  • You can ticket any time for any kind of server related support through our support portal.